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  • Oct 15 / 2014
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General Updates

Guerrilla Worx Happenings

As time permits, I would like to detail some of the fun projects we’ve been working on around the shop. We are lucky enough to work in shop that allows us to build just about anything we dream up!

Here’s a quick overview of what we’ve been working on in the last few weeks:

This is a set of custom parts for a Beretta ARX100 that Dan built for a customer. Our customer wanted to convert his civilian ARX100 to resemble the military ARX160. Dan used a lathe and CNC machine to craft these beautiful parts.

Custom Nickel plated, adjustable muzzle brake anyone? More of Dan’s handy work.

Greg Hard at work, fabricating some custom rock sliders for his Suzuki Sidekick.

A happy Greg upon successful rock slider installation.

Andy’s Custom 1911 grips, fresh off the laser engraver, with our signature Guerrilla Worx “X”

The same custom grips after receiving an in-house Cera-Kote paint job. The slide has also been hit with Cera-Kote, as well has having custom grooves cut into the front of the slide.

Greg’s AR-15 with a fresh coat of Cera-Kote, laser engraved Guerrilla Worx logo, and recently molded flat dark earth Guerrilla Grips.

What’s this? This definitely looks like Greg setting up to cut a barrel of some type–research for our next BIG project. That’s all I can tell you guys right now.

Check back soon for some detailed project write-ups!


  • Oct 14 / 2014
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General Updates

Guerrilla Grip Demo Video

We got some decent footage on a desert trip that took a couple weeks ago. I put together a quick edit to show the Guerrilla Grip in action.


  • Jul 22 / 2014
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Product Update

Hi Everyone,

The Guerrilla Grip product launch has been an amazing success! We would like to thank everyone who has purchased our product up to this point. The introductory price period of $11.99 has ended, and we have changed the 3-pack price to $14.99 with free shipping.

New color options are on the way soon. I will keep everyone updated.


  • Jun 04 / 2014
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General Updates

Official Guerrilla Grip Product Launch

The Guerrilla Grip is finally in full production and ready to ship. We are currently running a promotion on calguns.net. The first 50 people to contact us will receive a free Guerrilla Grip sample pack.


The Guerrilla Worx team is in love with this product and we’re sure you will be too once you get your hands on one. Please check out the store. The introductory price for 3 packs is $11.99 plus $1.99 shipping. This is a great value when you consider how much this product will enhance your shooting experience.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or feedback about the product.

Thanks for looking guys!

-Guerrilla Worx Team

  • Apr 21 / 2014
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General Updates, Uncategorized

The Guerrilla Grip Soon to be Unleashed

AR-15, AR 15 magazine grip, AR 15 bullet button release tool


With our fellow California-based AR-15 enthusiasts in mind, the Guerrilla Worx research and development team has been hard at work, devising the best possible bullet button release tool on the market. We are calling our the device the “Guerrilla Grip.” The Guerrilla Grip is going to be the first official Guerrilla Worx product to hit the tactical market and we only thought it appropriate that our first product should share our company namesake.

bullet button release tool, AR-15 magazine grip, AR 15 magazine grip

The Guerrilla Grip is more than just a bullet button release tool. We know that for this product to be successful it has to be more and just a stretchy chunk of plastic stuck to the bottom of an AR-15 magazine. From the beginning, the Guerrilla Worx research team made a list of everything we wanted this product to do, and so far it looks like the Guerrilla Grip is not going to disappoint. As the package states, the Guerrilla Grip acts as source of enhanced grip under the stress of rapid reloading. The Guerrilla Grip acts as a stable shooting platform while using the magazine as a monopod. The Guerrilla Grip will be available in multiple colors for identification purposes. The Guerrilla Grip acts as an extra layer of protection for magazine base plates, maximizing magazine life. We also took special care to make sure that the Guerrilla Grip fits every AR-15 platform magazine design. MOST importantly, the Guerrilla Grip does an amazing job as a bullet button release tool. Because the integrated bullet button release tool is molded from durable plastic, the tool will not damage the finish on your lower receiver.

As prototype test samples are going out, the Guerrilla Worx team is ironing out the finishing touches for what will be the final, market-ready Guerrilla Grip. With our patent pending, we should be ready to start shipping product in less than a month.

Please check back soon for more photos, demo videos, and product ordering.


  • Jan 08 / 2014
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General Updates

Tactical Bottle Opener Prototype


Dan just finished a prototype “tactical” rail bottle opener. This bottle opener looks amazing and works even better. Good work Dan!

A view of the tactical bottle opener in its native habitat

A view of the tactical bottle opener in its native habitat

The first production will feature a hard anodized coating, as well as custom engraving. Stay tuned for updates coming soon!


  • Nov 06 / 2013
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General Updates

Hello world!

It’s finally here–the long awaited Guerrilla Worx R&D website. Dan, Greg, and Andy would like to welcome our friends and customers to our world.

There’s not much on the website right now, but as time passes and our portfolio grows, you will get to see the development and testing of many new products.